Who Are We?


We have made our success perfect with our professional experience, quality we catched for flavor, our happy workers,
Our certificate of halal cutting on red and white meat, fitted for conditions of health and hygiene and finally the restaurant
which we opened in Alibeyköy.

We have never ignored health, hygiene and halal cutting which are the most important conditions on food and restaurant sector.
On the exactly opposite way, We've made these rules that we are especially on indispensible.

On food sector where we started this project in 2005; we improved our name and flavor to the best point by working with Balıkesir Gönen Meat farm.
We know "thanks" as a debt to you.



On mangal and steak sector; To be the brand with service understanding focusing on customer happiness and hygiene, which comes first to minds and is preferred most in firstly Istanbul and then Turkey.
to be able to supply customers' expectations with wide options of product on the best way by balancing the rate of good quality and price.


On restaurant sector, to supply our customers' expectation and products with our qualified and happy workers' presentation
on the continuous and rising way fitting conditions of fresh,flavor, hygiene.